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  • WPS / Arise
  • Network Health Plan
  • United Health Care
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Prevea 360
  • Molina
  • Common Ground
  • RESEARCH... Review your current insurance situation and identify your individual needs and circumstances
  • COMPARE... Consider all possible options ( including HMO, POS, PPO , HSA, ACA Marketplace, Off Exchange and SHOP plans) evaluate prospective providers and solicit quotes
  • PRESENT... Organize competing plans in a logical format and share the pros and cons of each
  • RECOMMEND... Take an objective approach in explaining which options are the most suitable for you and why
  • IMPLEMENT... Work as your liaison in administering your company's plan

Some of THE Carriers we represent:

Zuleger Advisors, Inc.

As one of the leading insurance consulting agencies in the Fox Cities, our advisors are known for their innovative thinking, strategic approach and in-depth analysis.

Our extensive experience in the field is coupled with one of the best reputations for exceptional customer service. We've also built solid relationships with dozens of insurance providers. 

Combine the sea of providers with complex terminology and ever changing ACA regulations and it's easy to see how tricky navigating the insurance maze can be.


The Zuleger Formula: 

Our Company at a Glance

With hundreds of clients who've already benefited from our knowledge, we understand exactly what it takes to customize the best plan for you.