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We'll  explain all the possible solutions you have. 


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Health insurance for INDIViDUALS

The Affordable Care Ace (also known as Obamacare) requires all Americans and legal residents to have minimum essential health care coverage, qualify for a coverage exemption or pay a penalty when you file your taxes .

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We'll help you protect your biggest asset: Your ability to work. 


We can help you determine if your are eligible for a subsidy .

At Zuleger Advisors, we can help you eliminate one of your biggest and most stressful concerns: choosing the right insurance plan.

We offer expert advise and insight that guides you through our process and leads you to a customized benefits plan.  Our approach will leave you felling confident with answers to that nagging questions:"Did I make the right decisions?"



We can provide you a quote for dental insurance too. 


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